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Join Our Administration Team

Because we exist to provide emergency medical care it is important that our Community First Responders (CFRs) spend the time that they are available to be on call by being on call – not performing the essential support duties without which we could  not operate.  We are therefore fortunate today to have committed members who donate time in the non-medical roles of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

We will however be able to raise our effectiveness even further if we can receive additional support as follows:

  • Scheme Coordinator – This position is currently filled. For information on what the role entails is given here.
  • Events Coordinator – Being invited to attend numerous events around South Warwickshire is a great way to to connect with communities and raise our profile. However, a lot of work is required in the background to keep our events and training calendar up to date and make sure these events are resourced appropriately. If you can spare an hour or two a week to be the link between our Scheme and external event organisers please get in touch. You need to be a good communicator and well organised, as this is an essential role that also supports our fundraising efforts.
  • Fundraising Leader – We enjoy tremendous support both from individuals and businesses located in the area that we cover but fundraising is a task that doesn’t happen by itself; we need to maintain our presence as well as organise and run fundraising events.  To have a team member dedicated to this role will prove more efficient than sharing it amongst other members – which is how we work today – and will also increase effectiveness of the end result.  We are also acutely aware that our Scheme Car is now ten years old and replacement is an eventuality so the year ahead will place even more reliance on this key task.
  • Fundraising Members – Whilst fundraising needs to be led, it also needs to be delivered.  To have new members available to help deliver either a fundraising campaign or specific events will greatly help our effectiveness.  Today this is done by existing members on top of their primary role and the time demands this brings.
  • Equipment Coordinator – The nature of our service means that we operate equipment that needs to be serviced and maintained.  This is not a huge task but it is a significant task that is essential to our operation.  Examples of such equipment are defibrillators, the scheme car and customised GPS units.  There is also other equipment such as the emergency radio that sometimes requires attention.  To have a new member take on this responsibility will be a great help to the members who collectively share this work today.  No specialist knowledge is required; just an ability to be conscientious with accurate record keeping and proactive use of those records.

If you are interested in helping us in any of these capacities or in another way that has come to your mind, please be kind enough to get in touch with us, here.